The Story of

Happy Coaching Tools


Our story began with a simple desire: to create playful coaching tools that help people grow and develop. We are coaches, who realised that there is so much misinformation and second-rate products in the coaching industry. We needed to create one brand that people could go to for trusted products and information. That's how the idea for Happy Coaching Tools was born.



We're a coaching brand with values rooted in mindfulness, creativity, play and design. We believe that personal growth doesn't need to be a struggle, and can become a fun adventure, by adding play into the process. We believe that everyone can learn to coach themselves to success in every area of their lives, by using simple and practical tools, without needing to spend lots of money on coaches, psychologists, and personal development training programs.



We're on a mission to empower people to live playful, happy, and fulfilling lives. Every day and in every way, we hold ourselves to a highest standard. Because we believe that what you do, has the potential power to create a ripple effect on a global scale.


Pawel Karbowski

Founder, Happy Coaching Tools

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