Coaching Questions

Discover Your Purpose!

This inspiring 53-card deck offers coaching guidance to help you discover your path in life. All you need are the cards, a journal, and a little time set aside to deepen your self-awareness and design the life that you love.


Surrender to the fun creativity that the cards provide, carefully contemplate and write down answers to each question, be patient, take massive action, and trust that you will find your way.

Unleash Your Creative Intuition

The Find Your Way deck does not follow any particular formula. You can use it anyway you like. There are no rules, simply let your intuition and creativity guide you, and you will find answers and meaning.

Be Playful

Turn your search for purpose into a game with your friend or partner, where you both take turns randomly choosing cards and asking each other questions. Together, you'll deepen your awareness, learn more about each other, and have lots of fun in the process.

Take Action

The cards will inspire you to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live the life you once only imagined.

Product highlights:

  • 53-card coaching deck

  • Fun and inspirational coaching questions 

  • Perfect gift idea

  • Beautiful watercolour design

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