A Coaching Challenge

53 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference Today!


This inspiring card deck offers 53 small challenges to help you become happier and improve your relationships by adding daily acts of kindness into your life.


The challenge is designed to be completed over 53 consecutive days. This allows you to make kindness a habit and a new way of life. Each day, randomly choose a card and take the required action.


Some of the challenges you'll find easy. Others will take you significantly outside of your comfort zone. Don't skip any, because as you incorporate kindness into your days, they will become nothing short of spectacular. Practicing kindness in this concentrated effort guarantees that you will see big changes take place in your life fast!

Product highlights:

  • 53-card coaching deck

  • A fun and inspirational coaching challenge 

  • Perfect gift idea

  • Beautiful watercolour design

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